At Virtual Staff Engagement, we understand the importance of developing a positive, productive and connected work environment for your remote employees.

With our host of unique and interactive employee development games, we can help to engage, motivate, and energise your employees – elevating their wellbeing and performance.


From Escape Rooms to Catchphrase, we have fully customisable, remote team-building games to fit every taste. Available in more than 75 languages, from English, French and German, to Spanish and Mandarin, the games can be played in any time-zone, at any time of day. And, when departments are operating in different countries, we can run the games in multiple time-zones with a cumulative leaderboard, so all staff can take part.

To make it even more exciting, all our games are led by energetic actors that give real life to the games, ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience for all.


Company values are more than just branding, they’re the core of your business. And when truly embodied and reflected, they can influence everything from the behaviour and wellbeing of your employees, to the culture of your workplace.

A business should be guided by their values, and this means more than just hollow words (or a few messages printed on the walls). It should be embedded in a way that’s authentic and engaging.

We offer a number of employee engagement programmes, from the Culture and Values Escape Game to the Wellbeing Game, that help to bring your company values to life, and improve the overall health and happiness of your staff – resulting in a more motivated, resilient, and productive workforce.


Maybe you’re reading this page because I’ve got in touch with you, or a colleague has forwarded a link over. Whatever the case, it would be a real pleasure to catch up with you and run through more about what our games offer, and how we can help your remote workers better engage with each other, all whilst having fun.