Do you want to be shocked? Disgusted? Amazed?! This game challenges your knowledge of facts, work with your team and believe it or not you can beat this game!

The Most Curious Game Ever Devised!  

VSE Believe It or Not! game is full of offbeat, outrageous trivia that you and your opponents must decide is either honest-to-goodness fact or full-of-baloney nonsense.

Duration: 45 minutes

What You Can Expect

Some of the questions are Multiple Choice in which you must pick one of four possible answers as the true one; others are Statements in which a bizarre fact is declared and you must decide to believe it or not to believe it.

Avoid getting stumped. A wrong answer will slow your team’s progress and your oppoenents can move closer to the final goal of the finish space.

Get Ready for Some Jaw Dropping Facts!

This game is fun, especially played with or against friends and coworkers. You will be surpirsed with some of the things you didint know, but most of them are enlightening facts, while some are weird and truly unbelievable. Demo is free, why not give it a try?