Let's Talk About Race

10 Feb 2021

Let’s Talk About Race

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Talking about racism is hard. It can evoke strong emotions. If handled sensitively, conversations can prove to be liberating, and help to connect people as they explore lived experiences, understand the historic and current context of race, whilst committing to work towards a fair and equal society together.

We have created a digital activity as a training tool that tackles a difficult topic with sensitivity.

This digital workshop is an engaging, interactive means of educating an organization’s employees about the importance and value of inclusive behavior giving them a better, in-depth understanding of various forms of racism, as well as racial bias and the issues affecting the black community in the context of the current climate and black history.

During the workshop employees will be asked to feedback ideas for their organisations in making practical and structural changes that contributes to a positive impact in the fight against racism and racial inequality, allowing the power of a diverse workforce to be maximized.

Using Proven Gamification Techniques

Our engagement techniques and mechanisms come directly from the world of games and are proven to increase learning, engagement and understanding. We take these effective principles of engagement and apply them. Groups are involved, discussions are encouraged, communication is crystal clear and feedback is captured.


  • Quizzes
  • Videos
  • Challenges
  • Puzzles
  • Interactive scenarios
  • Dilemmas

Subjects Covered:

  • Cultural Awareness
  • Race Discrimination
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Stereotypes
  • Understanding Privilege
  • Positive Actions to take in the workplace

Where: Virtual or Face to Face (Available Worldwide)
Tech Requirements: Internet connect and access to laptop, mobile phone or tablet
Number of Participants: No minimum or maximum number of participants
Duration: 60 minutes
Pricing: Ask for a quote


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