Do you want to reduce employee burnout and foster company culture? Then get out of the office and start exploring.

Our interactive mobile scavenger hunts are designed to improve team bonding. Solve riddles, complete challenges, and explore your city while having a lot of fun.


City Scavenger Hunt

Bespoke Scavenger Hunt

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Themed Scavenger Hunt

Different Ways to Scavage

You choose the location, and we’ll bring the competition to you.

  • Find Missions
  • Riddles
  • Fun trivia
  • Logic puzzle

Points are awarded for correct answers. There is an option to show the leaderboard throughout the challenge.

Use Your Scavenging Skills

Whether you’re looking to energise longtime employees or orient new ones, this is a great activity to break the ice and energize teams.

Let’s start the scavenging!