Outsmarting the AI


Work fast and most importantly, work together.

You are a team of experts working on creating an artificial intelligence system. You feel that this AI will help you to undertake tasks around the business and relieve some of the pressures you face on a daily basis.

The AI develops self-awareness and plans of its own, believing it is fit to rule the world and that we humans are the disease polluting the earth.

The AI seals you all in the underground bunker in which you are based, all the while it is making plans to get to the surface and turn the world’s defences against itself.

This game involves decision-making and a number of challenges. The way to the top is paved with problems and puzzles that will prove a challenge for a hacker. But work fast and most importantly, work together. Because the AI is aware that you’re on the trail and will throw all manner of obstacles to slow you down or kill you.