If you’re looking for Halloween games that are perfect for all ages, you’ve come to the right place. We have many themed games that are fun and maybe even a bit scary to celebrate the holiday.

Zombie Mall Escape Game

You and your team need to develop a strategy to survive zombie attacks and make it through to the security office and safety.

This game tests decision-making skills and situational awareness. Just as you think you know what you need, some spanners will be thrown in the works that will affect your decisions. You will be challenged to carry out different missions along the way.

If you’ve sent out your Halloween party invitations, picked out your Halloween costume, downloaded a spooky playlist, and bought plenty of candy, all that’s left to do is plan some fun Halloween games.

Cold Case Escape Game

Famous actor Lance Dubois’ killer is behind bars. Or is he? The murder investigation has been re-opened, and you are a detective on the cold case squad assigned to discover the truth.

You need to review the evidence, and answer challenges set by the twisted mind of the killer in order to bring him (or her) to justice. Are you up to the task? We’ll see.

Halloween Catchphrase

Based on the iconic TV gameshow, this is a fun, interactive and competitive Halloween Themed game, with participants put into teams. Using our platform, they will be shown animated catchphrases to guess the well- known phrase or saying.

Teams must try and guess the answer within 60 seconds, and points are rewarded for correct answers. Scores are entered onto a leaderboard on a rolling basis. The team with the highest score at the end of the day wins.

There can be an option for the two top teams to play a bonus round at the end of the day to compete for the coveted No. 1 spot!

The Last People

It is the year 2096, after another world war and a plague; civilisation has ended. The plague ended 10 years ago and the population has been reduced to 10%. You are part of the last survivors and have settled in a city in France. Humanity has locked itself on this city for an entire century.

This game is our longest Escape Game, it has full written story filled with different characters and locations. In this game we’re introducing new ways to test your wits and critical thinking.

Halloween is Supposed to be Fun!

Whether you’re stuck at home because of bad weather, you’re too old to trick-or-treat, or you’re staying home to reduce the risk of spreading or catching COVID, there is no shortage of fun Halloween-themed activities to do right from the comfort of your own home.

Throughout this pandemic, there has been surreal sense of time getting out of our hands. Having these bookmarks, whether its Halloween or another holiday, are important ways to mark that we’re passing time and moving through this challenge and being resilient.