18 Sep 2020

Out-Ghosting The Ghosts

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You are the proud new owner of The Whispers. It’s moving-in day and, whilst you know there’s a lot of work to be done, you can’t help feeling this is going to be the start of a bright and beautiful future! What you don’t yet know, is that many years ago, a girl went missing from The Whispers and was never seen again. Her story is untold but her spirit lives on.

Dare you enter the depths and despair of the past; follow a trail of secret messages and coded clues, left behind by an entity from another world? Are you brave enough to help unfold a history hidden by a family, from a time long ago?

Whilst this game is of a spooky nature, as with all of our games, it is light-hearted and concentrates more on character, storyline and puzzles.
We don’t believe there is anything to give you nightmares, except the prospect of possibly not solving the puzzles!

✓ Ideal for team-work
✓ Fun and motivating
✓ Duration: 90 minutes


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