18 Sep 2020

Landing on the Moon

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Your team has been working on a solution to a problem that has been causing your Board members sleepless nights. Your reward is to be among the first passengers on one of Virgin’s space flights! (It was a really big problem!)

All goes well during the take off, but in mid-flight the Captain makes a wrong turn and you end up landing on the moon. (Well, it was his first flight!)

Luckily there is a NASA space craft on the moon, but it is 200 miles from your crash site. You need to put your space suits on and walk to safety. Most of the equipment has been damaged in the landing but you have 15 items still intact and undamaged after landing. Your task is to decide which items you and your crew need to reach the rendezvous point.

This game tests decision-making skills and situational awareness. Just as you think you know what you need, some spanners will be thrown in the works that will affect your decisions. You will be challenged to carry out different missions along the way.

This game is a strategic challenge that brings out laughter while creating a great team spirit!

Where: Virtual or Face to Face (Available Worldwide)
Tech Requirements: Internet connect and access to laptop, mobile phone or tablet
Number of Participants: No minimum or maximum number of participants
Duration: 45 to 60 minutes
Pricing: £20 per person – No Set Up Fees – Includes Facilitator in each breakout room


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