British Business Banter

7 Dec 2020

British Business Banter

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Join Alex Ranahan as he teaches you the tips and tricks to really make your British clients warm to you. From the type of humour we prefer, to how to create your own British style jokes, even to how to deliver your new sense of humour with effortless style and charisma, you’ll be able to bond with your business partners as the next best thing since sliced bread.

Virtual event includes:

  • Where British humour stems from culturally, historically and why we laugh at different things.
  • The science of comedy, why the same joke will get a different response from different scenarios, and how to make your communication more effective.
  • The different types of auditory and visual jokes and how they work.
  • Joke vehicles.
  • How to create jokes out of any given situation and read the room for appropriateness.
  • How to deliver jokes with confidence, timing and precision.
  • Why the British truly do always talk about the weather!

✓ Ideal for Team-work
Good for Decision Making Skills
Duration: 60 minutes


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