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Benefits of Our Christmas Team Building Activities

✔ Perfect for any group size
✔ Available for virtual, hybrid and in-person delivery
✔ Connects teams in multiple locations

Scrooge’s Escape Game

The ghosts of Christmas past are looking for new souls to haunt.

If you dare to continue you need to continue along with Ebenezer Scrooge.

So begins the Christmas escape game, Scrooge’s Escape. Can you and your team help Scrooge to confront the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Still to come, and answer the puzzles and challenges set to help Scrooge to become a better man?

Christmas Villains

We are in desperate need of your assistance; the situation is out of control. The villains have stolen the Christmas Movies! You need to find them one by one and fix the movies they’ve messed up.

Can you stop Harry and Marv, the two villains from Home Alone? What about The Grinch, can you make him see the error of his ways? And of course the squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous, old sinner, Scrooge! Is it possible to defeat

Mr. Potter, the miserly antagonist from “It’s a Wonderful Life”?Will you be able to stop Hans Gruber, the cunning thief and criminal mastermind from Die Hard, or will he get his revenge?

Christmas Catchphrase

Based on the iconic TV gameshow, this is a fun, interactive and competitive Xmas Themed game, with participants put into teams. Using our platform, they will be shown animated catchphrases to guess the well- known phrase or saying.

Teams must try and guess the answer within 60 seconds, and points are rewarded for correct answers. Scores are entered onto a leaderboard on a rolling basis. The team with the highest score at the end of the day wins.

There can be an option for the two top teams to play a bonus round at the end of the day to compete for the coveted No. 1 spot!

We’re here to help you, no matter how big or small your company and make sure your Christmas Activities are fun and memorable.

Christmas Movies and Music

Get ready to participate in this festive Music and  Music Game.

You will enjoy music and movies and be challenged to: Name the artists and actors. Name the tunes and movies Remember the next lines. Singing along is a must. This light touch quiz is guaranteed to bring out the laughter.

For Face to face events, participants will need to buzz in to be the first team to answer and gain points.  But be careful, a wrong answer means you have to sit that round out.

Christmas Spot the Difference

This simple Christmas themed Spot The Difference exercise really sharpens people’s observation skills & helps build empathy for others.

Teams are challenged to find and click on the differences between two photos as quickly as you can!

Some will be pretty easy to spot, but some will be much harder. Guessing incorrectly deducts points.

Only the most careful of observers can catch every different detail that distinguishes these near identical pictures. Do you think you can catch all the minute changes that have been made to these images? If so, you are surely one of the world’s most perceptive geniuses.

Give Us a Clue Christmas

This Christmas themed Charades is just as much crazy fun online as the classic, in-person version, and really engaging for a team.

For ‘Give us a Clue’, our facilitators put people into teams and give the clue to one team member to act out. The rest of the team watch and listen and try to guess the correct answer. The facilitator will then score the team based on difficulty and the amount of time taken, (and whether any cheating took place!)

A leaderboard is created and the team with the most amount of points wins. This game is very popular, and great for fostering team communication in a comfortable, group setting. So much communication is non-verbal that having the opportunity to express yourself through movement, in a non-threatening space, really brings people out of their shell.

Christmas Memory Mission

This seemingly simple Christmas themed “memory” game asks your team to look at a picture and then answer questions on what they saw. Remembering, from one minute to the next, is only part of this ingenious game, which can also provide deeper insights into how a team may increase peripheral vision.

Teams will observe each picture for twenty seconds and then have another twenty seconds to collaborate on a team response to each question. There will be three questions per image. Testing quick response collaboration is another team building exercise that may make your eyes pop! Points will appear on the Leader Board. May the all-seeing and all-agreeing team win!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Based on the How the Grinch Stole Christmas movie, this game offers unique puzzles, fun riddles and interactive gameplay! This game is best played with friends on colleagues, remember that team-work makes everything easier!

The Whos in Whoville are fond of Christmas, but up on Mount Crumpit lives the green Grinch who despises the Whos and their festivities. He decides to steal their Christmas and all their presents using a santa suit as a disguise. Can you get the gifts back and help save Christmas.

Christmas Peek or Listen

Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait for boxing day? So when noone is looking you grab a couple of presents and try to peek or listen to know what’s inside? We’ll this new awesome game is just like that!

We will ask you holiday trivia questions and you can choose either to peek or listen to get a clue. Be wise when choosing which method to go for, consult your team members and go for it!

Christmas is Supposed to be Fun!

Year-end holiday parties provide a great opportunity for teams to blow off some steam and get excited for the year ahead. Although this year you might not be able to gather, you can still have some fun with a virtual Christmas party.

You can tweak the usual Christmas traditions to suit a virtual environment, invent new ones altogether or choose from the list of virtuxqal Christmas party ideas above.