We help create organisations where people’s hearts are in their work.

Strengthen bonds, increase engagement, deliver innovation and tangible change – fast!

Gallup discovered that 87% of employees worldwide are disengaged. Disengagement means dysfunctional teams and mediocre performance. In contrast highly engaged, committed teams are a winning formula that sets an organisation apart from its competitors.

Teamwork remains the ultimate competitive advantage: “Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare’’ writes Patrick Lencioni in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

How capable are your team leaders of building collaborative, trustworthy and engaged teams that perform to their full potential? Our team and leadership services are designed to help your teams strengthen bonds, increase levels of engagement and deliver innovation and tangible change – fast!

How We Can Help

The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team™

An assessment toolkit to measure a team against the behaviours of TRUST, CONFLICT, COMMITMENT, ACCOUNTABILITY and RESULTS.

The Five Behaviours of a High Performing Team

Many teams are challenged by the pandemic to work remotely in a cohesive, engaged and productive way. Maybe in your team there is a lack of trust that causes members to be secretive and protective over their budgets and other areas of responsibility. Or perhaps they avoid conflict leading to a lack of openness and honest feedback. In contrast, an effective, productive team is a winning formula which sets an organisation apart from its competitors. We are certified through our partners Change Corp to deliver the 5 Behaviours Team Assessment tool to create a team firing on all cylinders. We work with you to nurture a cohesive, committed team, which plays to the everyone’s strengths, and fosters a positive environment where all members thrive, leading to better results.

Team Leaders for the Future

Developing leadership skills and strategies for a new era.

An innovative online development programme for Team Leaders in new and evolving environments
Covid era remote and flexible working has plunged Team Leaders into previously unknown territory. Many have found themselves unprepared and ill-equipped to manage physically separated teams, juggling the demands of keeping their people visible and positively engaged while empathetically helping with mental health and well-being issues.

For proactive organisations the Covid crisis presents opportunities to shape new, sustainable, high performing teams for the future.

Our Team Leaders for the future programme will take your Team Leaders on a development journey starting with themselves – developing their own empathy and resilience before moving onto leading individuals. They will learn essential skills and behaviours designed for leadership through the Covid 19 era and beyond.

Our Team Leader training centres on empathy, emotional intelligence and personal resilience, with excellent results. At one client, 75% of staff agreed that their manager’s people skills had improved post-training and that their Team Leaders had worked hard to improve levels of staff engagement.

By the end of this programme Team Leaders will:

  • Have developed their flexibility in terms of the way they communicate and engage with their people
  •  Have developed a more “human dimension” to the way they manage by building their levels of emotional intelligence, empathy, and compassion
  •  Be more skilled at attracting and retaining talent to build a diverse team
  •  Be attuned to a growth mindset for their team members whilst being able to cope with ambiguity and change
  •  Understand how to develop their own resilience levels and those of their team members
  •  Become a leader who has adopted a coaching style that increase accountability and the motivation of others
  •  Be empathetic, improving the levels of psychological safety, trust, and rapport in their teams
  •  Be an architect of a team culture where staff use innovation to build agility and utilise digital opportunities
  •  Know how to lead teams through change and deal with the feelings of loss and ambiguity that change brings