Wellbeing Benefits of Team Building

19 Feb 2021

Wellbeing Benefits of Team Building

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Many more businesses now recognise the importance of boosting employee wellbeing to establish a happy, healthy, motivated and engaged workforce.

One effective way to promote workplace wellbeing is through team-building exercises, of which there are plenty of options to choose from. Even if staff work remotely, virtual team building activities can have a significantly positive impact on both their wellbeing and performance. Here’s how employee wellbeing can benefit from team-building exercises.

Happy Workers

Taking part in team-building exercises can send staff satisfaction levels soaring, as it helps connect employees in a way that might not be possible in their normal, day-to-day activities. By preventing feelings of isolation and improving channels of communication through team building, workers will feel more involved and valued, translating into a happier workforce.

Improved Engagement

If workers feel happier about taking part in team-building exercises, then it stands to reason that staff engagement will also increase. Team building can also allow workers to discover new skills, ways of thinking or problem solving, which can further boost engagement levels.

When employees are engaged, they feel more motivated and satisfied with their roles, which is good for them – and the company they work for!

An engaged workforce is critical to the success of a business, with a UK government survey discovering that low engagement can result in a drop in profit by a third. On average, disengaged staff sell 20% less than their engaged counterparts, and could cost their employer up to £10,000 per year in wasted income.

Reduced Stress

Working with other members of staff is a great way to boost team collaboration and staff motivation, but there’s no reason why team building can’t have a fun element to it as well. In fact, there are many fantastic workplace team building activities, such as virtual escape games and other problem-solving activities that encourage creativity and new ways of working, but with an emphasis on fun and escapism from daily routines. This offers a valuable opportunity to reduce employee stress. With stress accounting for 44% of work-related illness, it makes sense for businesses to focus on fun team building activities to promote employee wellbeing.

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