28 Sep 2020

The Rise of Virtual Escape Games for Team Building

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Escape rooms have become one of the rising stars for social entertainment in recent times, but with more of us confined to our homes, escape games have increasingly gone online.

Virtual Escape Room Benefits

Despite the shift to digital, virtual escape rooms are just as popular as the real thing, gaining the seal of approval as a leisurely and work-related pursuit.

Indeed, many savvy businesses are recognising how the humble virtual escape room can perform a pivotal role in uniting teams to work better together. With more people working remotely, it can be difficult keeping up team morale when many of us are spending more time apart from our colleagues. This is where the online escape room comes into play. But, just how can a remote escape room work as a virtual team building strategy?

Escape rooms work by presenting participants with a series of challenges or tasks, that usually involve trying to escape from a particular setting by solving problems and clues, within a set timeframe. A digital escape room is no different to this, except it isn’t carried out in a physical setting but over a digital device such as a computer. Thanks to advances in technology, team members can play online together, working towards the same goals. As an added bonus, playing virtually as opposed to real-life encourages participants to think laterally, due to the limits that technology imposes.

A Chance to Bond

Ultimately, virtual escape games are designed to be fun, so when teams get together virtually to play, it’s a great way to allow members to unwind, let off steam and bond. This is especially useful if they have spent considerable amounts of time apart from each other in recent times.


What also makes a virtual escape room so popular is the fact that there are plenty of different options to choose from. Even better, the style of game, theme and setting can be tailored to suit the team building goals that you want to achieve, and the mood you want to create.

For instance, if you’re looking to promote creativity amongst your team, you could choose a virtual game that is highly imaginative. Themes with a mystery element often demand attention to detail during play, so they’re a top choice if you want to build problem-solving and decision-making skills within a team. If you’re seeking to hone the delegation skills of your staff or strategic thinking, consider a theme related to a science or technical setting for the most effective outcomes. Horror games are also a winning choice if you want to test team resilience and the ability to work under pressure while solving problems quickly.

To gain the most effects from the virtual team building exercise, encourage team members to discuss their experiences after each escape game, noting what worked well and what didn’t, so these can then be translated back into the workplace.

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