How to Maintain Employee Morale Whilst Homeworking

22 Oct 2020

How to Maintain Employee Morale Whilst Homeworking

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With more and more of us working from home this year, the challenge for employers is to make sure staff maintain morale when working remotely. Here are a few tips and tricks to achieve this.

Reduce the Sense of Isolation

Although homeworking has its perks, many people miss the camaraderie of working in a close-knit team with others. This can lead to feelings of isolation, which can send levels of morale plummeting. In order to maintain a motivated workforce, and keep morale on an even keel, maintain social contact with your team on a frequent basis.

Regular Team Meetings

Team collaboration is crucial to bolster morale, so if face-to-face meetings are no longer viable, make sure you maintain virtual team meetings instead. Online group discussions enable remote employees to reconnect with each other, reducing feelings of isolation, and allowing staff to share ideas, mull over specific work issues and plan next steps for work projects.

Provide Feedback

Hosting company meetings online also offers managers the chance to find out how remote staff are coping. It gives employees a platform to discuss any problems or issues they might be facing. Managers should also take this opportunity to provide feedback to remote staff. A simple ‘thank you’ or ‘well done’ is a highly effective way to improve staff engagement and make workers feel valued – and it costs nothing!

Engage in Social Activities

Remote staff may miss the social side of work when based from home, so introduce online social activities that allow workers to interact with each other in a fun way, but can encourage an engaged workforce at the same time. This provides the vital ingredients for boosting morale while reinforcing your company culture as one that cares wholeheartedly about your staff.

There are lots of different online social activities you could set up for your remote staff. Online quizzes and virtual lunch clubs are obvious examples, but for improving remote teambuilding, interactive programmes that let employees work together to solve challenges in a fun way can really send morale levels soaring. Introduce a range of virtual games or challenges that you think will best suit different teams at work. Keep the momentum going by providing interactive programmes on a regular basis, so that morale levels don’t start to drop. Feedback and outcomes from interactive programmes and games can even be useful to help understand more about how staff are coping while providing insight into how you can shape workplace strategies going forward.

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