19 Jul 2020

Who Do You Think You Are?

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This team building game helps participants to explore the key elements that make up an effective virtual team. This provides them with an opportunity to discuss and explore methods of improving their own teams.

Action: Participants are put into groups and shown several pictures, all representing a different, professional ‘team’. They are asked to consider the qualities of the teams in the various images. Translating these qualities to virtual team effectiveness, they are asked to suggest ways that businesses can improve their remote working practices.

Next, the groups are asked to develop a ‘team’ CV. They should identify sections like qualifications, experience, training and hobbies, as well as developing a ‘profile’ that succinctly sums up the team’s attributes. In review, participants are asked what they discovered about themselves as a team and how they might use this knowledge going forward. The activity can also reveal some unusual and intriguing facts about participants!

This exercise is an effective learning tool, and allowing the group conversation to flow, encouraging the sharing of diverse, useful ideas, provides practical solutions to put into place in the virtual working environment.

✓ Participants can take part in the same game, at the same time, no matter where they are!
✓ The games can also take place over a few days with offices in different time zones
✓ Duration: 60 minutes


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