11 May 2021

Spot the Difference

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This simple Spot The Difference exercise really sharpens people’s observation skills & helps build empathy for others.

Teams are challenged to find and click on the differences between two photos as quickly as you can!

Some will be pretty easy to spot, but some will be much harder. Guessing incorrectly deducts points.

Only the most careful of observers can catch every different detail that distinguishes these near identical pictures. Do you think you can catch all the minute changes that have been made to these images? If so, you are surely one of the world’s most perceptive geniuses.

Where: Face to Face
Number of Participants: No minimum or maximum number of participants
Duration: 45 to 60 minutes
Pricing: £25 per person – No Set Up Fees – Includes Facilitator in each breakout room


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