19 Jul 2020

Give us a Clue

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Charades is just as much crazy fun online as the classic, in-person version, and really engaging for a team.

For ‘Give us a Clue’, our facilitators put people into teams and give the clue to one team member to act out. The rest of the team watch and listen,and try to guess the correct answer. The facilitator will then score the team based on difficulty and the amount of time taken, (and whether any cheating took place!)

A leaderboard is created and the team with the most amount of points wins.

This game is very popular, and great for fostering team communication in a comfortable, group setting. So much communication is non-verbal that having the opportunity to express yourself through movement, in a non-threatening space, really brings people out of their shell.

Where: Virtual or Face to Face (Available Worldwide)
Tech Requirements: Internet connect and access to laptop, mobile phone or tablet
Number of Participants: No minimum or maximum number of participants
Duration: 45 to 60 minutes
Pricing: £20 per person – No Set Up Fees – Includes Facilitator in each breakout room


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